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Printing the future direction of information technology


    Sir Speedy has a strong research and development personnel throughout the world, saw the digital printing market research in Taiwan, and we hope can be made different from the traditional atmosphere, we will be marketing and strategy, technology as discussed in the order printed information technology direction in the future.

    characteristic analysis of electronic books, we thought "how knowledge is passed, carrying", 16th century Italian poet once said: "a future book, knowledge should be to concentrate on saddle belt", and in the 18th century, European type invented printing, Publishing 2000 times times in Europe, it can be seen that for centuries " Knowledge portability "has been changed, now in the age of the Internet, this idea would have a very big breakthrough, and we should have new thinking is: don't take conventional printing concept of dissemination of knowledge. In the past 10 years, the network relationship information value is 2000 times times higher, and copies the value is decreased 2000 times, were very wide circulation for copies, becoming worthless being a printer, need to think about is "you provide the value of knowledge, or copies of value"? If it's the latter, and constantly reducing its value, how should do? In 1995, the Internet appeared, predicting the paperless era is at hand, but the consumption of paper in the world in 2000 grew 1 time, what is it? Our answer is information 100 times times, 1 time times the paper, so the print volume is still lower in the future.

    future is information times, so printing industry should thinking how effective using information for operating subject, development eBook that a method, eBook is through network completed passed distribution of, not only can keep traditional paper books of face, more than traditional book by increased has "interactive sex" traits, can using points selected, and links to design, then makes "one-on-one published" became may. On the analysis, you may be confused? Future is the became printing or publishing, we recommends to development into "commercial instruments services"; is printing transformation into provides instruments integration service, will traditional of "sedan → printing → distribution" turned into "business draft → distribution → printing" of new mode, its process maximum of change for will distribution into operating system in the, again of defined from printing to published distribution of division process, for should environment changes and change business strategy and the system; " Do not become a traditional industry is sustainable business principles ", so eBooks will be changed one of the mechanisms of the printing industry.

    and as far as management, we should first understand, why do we need "books"? Analysis by the following:

    1. can more quickly disseminate information

    2. traditional printing and distribution costs can be reduced

    3. one-to-one publishing market demand for

    4. transmission of management information and cost effectively

    5. information access easier, higher information value of

    in the market who need books? Our observations can be divided into:

    1. product specification sheets, catalogues

    2. often send a large number of documents and materials of enterprises

    3. often need to integrate different types of documents, providing customer business

    4. Web site promotion and trading enterprise

    5. frequently changing product specifications company

    6. Internet marketing business