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Pigment printing of increasingly popular

    paint printing has in world dyeing industry in the occupies important status, according to information displayed, in the 1990 of the 20th century, world Shang about has 50% around production of printing fabric is used paint printing process printed of, especially United States, paint printing reached has 80% around; Western Europe also accounted for 60%; Japan proportion lower about for 10%-15%; China of paint printing products also by original 20% gradually rose to has 35%, Widely applied in cotton fabric, synthetic and blended fabric, knitted fabric, etc. Pigment printing is more promising in polyester and cotton blended fabric of a printing process, polyester/cotton blend fabrics at home and abroad about 70% about products used in pigment printing.

    with the development of the synthetic fiber industry, the mass production of a variety of synthetic and blended fabric of pigment printing is a challenge. No affinity to fiber coating itself only by mechanical attachment adhesive coating on the fiber surface forming thin films and its coloring is patterned after the curing and a certain degree of fastness. Principle of printing, it adapts to all fiber printing, pigment printing advantages becomes even more prominent. It has become a major in textile dyeing and printing process areas possess half. Coupled with the pigment printing is easy to learn, energy conservation, low cost, no pollution, general practitioners and enterprises attach importance to and widely used printing methods.