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Pearl River Delta printing industry faces new test

    Hong Kong dollars on the continuous depreciation of the exchange rate of the Yuan, labour, raw materials, and rental costs have risen sharply, the rapid adjustment of domestic industrial policy, trade in Europe and increasingly brutal means of suppressing, emergence of the problem of environmental protection and energy, coupled with fierce competition in the printing industry, printing prices dropped lower and lower, many Hong Kong companies are experiencing the test of life and death. Dongguan area have only seven or eight large Hong Kong printing plant in trouble, Dongguan's industry is expected to be 30% of Hong Kong-funded and foreign-funded enterprises will move out or close down their business, is of concern.

    Yang Jinxi, President of the Hong Kong Printers Association proposed the direction of the future development of Hong Kong enterprises in the Mainland:

    first, to look towards China in the North, to open up the domestic market

    is holding the second export market, lower production costs and improve their competitiveness;