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Era of digital printing to pretty to be favorite

    digital printing is and traditional printing completely different of another a printing way, although today of traditional offset, regardless of is in printing speed also is in printing quality Shang, are arrived has quite high of degree, but in information passed efficient, and market development high-speed and increasingly attention personalized service of today, electronic published and across media published technology of further development, used by needed printing of customer will is constantly increased, print and varieties will with market of changes and changes, On the premise does not lower the quality of the printing, fast, flexible, will become another important index to measure competitiveness. Traditional printing methods can not fully meet the ever-changing market needs, a new digital printing--printing, bred in the new market demands.

    simply put, digital printing is electronic image files directly on top of the print media, as opposed to traditional printed the tedious process of a new printing.

    characteristics of digital printing:

    printing, no plate, instant, instant error correction, variable printing, print on demand.

    the difference between digital printing and traditional printing:

    (1) fast and easy:

    digital printing eliminates film, imposition and tedious processes such as print, has the absolute advantage in small print and dispatch. All typesetting, design, application software and Office software to generate electronic documents can be output directly to a digital printing press.

    (2) flexible and efficient:

    digital print digital, so that we can provide our customers greater flexibility in the printing, printed side change, change India, today, 50, 100 tomorrow, how much how many realize zero inventory. This flexible and rapid way of printing, enhanced customer advantages in the race against the competition.

    (3) no volume:

    enjoy the high quality print, instead of "print", one can also. A printing is possible by digital printing, instant demand.

    why should we use digital printing:

    (1) business in the information age demands:

    information age, a variety of business activities, whether business or corporate advertisement, requires its content accurate, innovative, and use traditional printing methods and printing of promotional materials, mostly because "up volume" Constraints, had to print 1000 copies or 3,000, leaflets are cheap, but half or more companies haven't used dozens of, changed just because printed contents and information, without sleep a waste, a change with a pen, and harm the image of the enterprise. That more businesses only prints when new piles of waste paper to deal with, is actually "print cheap expensive."

    (2) last-minute instant book:

    digital printing, complex process because there is no traditional offset printing, simply take the computer file, or Internet transmission, meeting tomorrow, bidding or negotiations, finalized too late tonight.

    (3) contents of variable printing:

    digital printing you can print out different of personalized content, such as invitation to different names, direct mail letters printed with customer names, variable barcode printing and more, this is not possible with traditional offset printing.