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Digital photo output mode "Huashan mountain"

    digital printing mode: batch export advantage

    traditional way digital printing for batch output still has advantages, fast and convenient, moderately priced. But individual retailers ' own equipment and staff skills, qualitatively, it is difficult to ensure, often loss details, color imbalance, caused the gap with larger image. Meanwhile, traditional print and privacy risk of exposure or DIY photo according to personal preference, output media and are very simple. At present, with the development of the photo output requirements increase, DIY photo needs increase, and innovative concepts, select this output gradually decay.

    network printing methods: advantages and disadvantages

    in recent years, more people are concerned about the network printing, compared with traditional printing easier, even without going to the print shop, photos directly to each other, and wait for the photo Express is good. Network printing methods also have deficiencies, in addition to traditional and digital print of the same quality is difficult to control, a cause for criticism is that privacy is difficult to control. If adverse business or hackers, even if it does not appear "pornographic" event, but think about your "pretty pictures" has the potential to spread across the network, still shocked.

    color ink-jet printing method: becoming a preferred

    compared with the previous two ways, color ink-jet printing has a distinct advantage in protecting privacy. DC, PC, printer, all its own, has a very strong control and safety, and the number of outputs for the average home user, color ink-jet printing more quickly. Selection of quality original professional photo printer + ink, the effect is absolutely much better than print, and enjoy the fun of full hand-made DIY, output media rich format free, best suited for digital output. Compared to the cost in terms of the past, printers and supplies costs are falling, these advantages, indicates the color ink-jet printing has become the future mainstay of our families digital photos output choices.

    select a color ink-jet printer Note:

   , printing effects

    of some poor quality color ink-jet printer or users of compatible cheap ink when printing photos, tend to have a lack of precision, pellets, obvious problems. So, when users buy printers to take fully into account the machine's print properties and ink quality. At present, with the advances in ink-jet printing technology and mainstream products can meet the needs of family photo output. Ancestor photo printer such as Epson Micro Piezo technology using a unique new precision, true-color photo ink in the new century, output is extremely delicate and touching, rich layers. In addition, making a new recipe from Canon of dye inks, HP professional photo printing ink is developed specifically for photo printing. DIY function, HP, and Canon, Epson photo printers are generally equipped with these mainstream manufacturers software, daily DIY photos, create greeting cards calendars are very convenient. Epson end of 2007 production of high-end photo-synthesis machine RX690 also introduced exclusive hand-painted photo DIY features, entertainment personality adds a new taste for high-end household is a good choice.

    second, the use of cost

    to the user, and can afford to buy a photo printer is a first step, the more crucial is whether we can afford. Photo printing on the media have special requirements, the ink consumption is relatively large. Buy genuine ink cartridges in the past, hundreds of prices is hard to accept, buy cheap compatible ink, CISS or note, print quality will be difficult to guarantee and damage the printer, they contain harmful substances that can potentially affect your family's health. In fact, the major printer manufacturers now are on the premise of guaranteeing quality of ink, ink technology and prices are adjusted gradually, adapt to the needs of consumers and markets. Epson "affordable, affordable" photo printer ME20 ME series, for example, it is the only company in the market of less than 200 Yuan a genuine ink cartridges, single 6 inch photo print costs less than 1 Yuan, almost equalling the current digital printing price.

    c, save time

    photo inkjet printer saves time is a problem, generally after 5 years fade and change users in choosing a machine to pay special attention to this point. At present, many manufacturers have rolled out special measures to address the problem. HP Vivera inks were developed specifically for photo printing, claimed the photos saved time can be up to 108 years old. Epson Ink-true-color photo in the new century's innovative technology, lets you light resistance, oxidation resistance and save on corrosion resistance of a greatly improved, photo album save up to 200 years, this has gone beyond the normal traditional print deadlines.

    to sum up, we can see that the convenience and privacy, outstanding and diverse output, approachable price, makes inkjet printers have become the best choice for photo output.