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Coated product line indentation fault handling

    coating can not only improve the appearance of printed, can also improve the performance of the folding, good for after the operation very smoothly. However, if poor quality paper or coated with plastic film, die cutting and creasing line indentation failures may occur when.

    such as when you die-cut box, creasing steel line and would often burst at the intersection of the die-cutting tool failure. Bursting occurs only in the film, and along the direction of a line indentation is particularly serious, the bottom of the paper generally does not burst. This means failure and die-cutting machine with machine operation is independent of the pressure, problem is coated with thin film material. In view of this situation, you can take the following measures to address them.

    1. replacement of film raw materials.

    2. If the product has not yet been processed, you can change the direction of coated paper.

    3. changes to the die, the following two situations.

    (1) for the treatment of white paper gift box as shown in Figure 1. In Figure 1, 3, 4, even the knife cannot cut followed by a knife. 2, 5, 6 the cutter head at long 2mm, stamping around 110 degrees angle.

    (2) corrugated board packaging boxes as shown in Figure 2. In Figure 1, 2, 3, 7 and even a knife cannot cut followed by a knife. 4, 5, 6 knife made with even knives "u".

    using the above method will not change the color box structure, and can solve line indentation failures, colleagues may wish to learn from.

    adhesive set common quality problems of the books books adhesive binding processes need links, well this process is complete, will greatly enhance the appearance of the book, if there is quality problem, will undoubtedly reduce the bulk of grade. Book binding quality adhesive workers sense alone is not enough, also involves technology, production technology, quality of raw materials and workshop production environment, or even local weather conditions, therefore, it is necessary to analyze and discuss the common quality problems.

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