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After the Olympic future development direction of printing industry

    back in 2007, which is the global economy a year, whether industrial, commercial, financial, real estate investments, are thriving, investor confidence, businesses are willing to invest in strengthening the development and printing industry friends have added a lot of manpower and expand production.

    is now stepping into the second half of 2008, review first half of global climate of economic downturn, United States economy lead to recession, the negative news still. Taking printing industry as an example, heard a printed with a large number of small and medium enterprises in Guangdong Province closed down, even the performance of many large printing companies is a poor, or even see some red. Looking at the above, it can be concluded the following reasons:

   , people's increasing value, rising to more than 10%, the present situation is not yet stable.

    second, the domestic implementation of the new labor law, significantly increase the cost of hiring employees, as well as easy or labour relations becomes bad. Employers may also violate the provisions of labour law and substantial compensation, these cases often occur when Hong Kong manufacturers investing in the Mainland, the amount of compensation can be up to tens of million Yuan or above.

    III or the Chinese Government that Hong Kong businessmen will be phasing out of tax preferences, and suspension of processing licences and so on.

    four, starting in 2008, all of the sharp rise in raw material prices, average increases of up to 30% or more.

    It seems that printing business this year is more difficult than ever, applied theory in Europe and America, Red Sea market is happening in the printing industry, enterprises may become bloody in this year, in the foreseeable future, printing industry business conditions can be improved?

    on the situation in the printing industry is facing, plus Hong Kong graphic arts association was founded nianwuzhounian, was held in April 28 and 29th this Council deliberately called "discussion on global mindset development direction in the future of the printing industry" Forum, invited a number of domestic, United States and the local printing industry's elite to serve as speaker. They have raised the future of the printing industry to face various difficulties and more direction, incidentally, all views and opinions are quite close. From the United States made speakers Mr.RichardPapale the NAPL printing business must move towards comprehensive, multi-function, to customer needs as the core, development of a full range of value-added services, the service should include some work across the printing services, such as setting up online platform, digital asset management, and administrative support jobs. In addition, some speakers put forward the importance of print quality standardization, which is the inevitable way for the development of printing enterprises, in addition to improving quality and efficiency, but also enhance the image and brand of printing companies.

    top printing enterprises, the fittest becomes more and more obvious, according to the statistics, Europe and each year the number of printing companies are on the decline, so printing companies to break out, must adopt a new printing technology. Investment in new printing technology will be an intensive, requires enormous human, material, financial and resource support, set of administration, management, marketing, financial risk management, printing technology, IT technical support is equal to a. Believe the future will produce a lot of trans-regional printing enterprises, the provision of integrated services. And those who continue to follow the usual business model, only provides a single, printing services, printing companies to compete by price, provided they might be replaced by graphic arts communication services in the printing business.